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Ryan Boyle, NY

Melissa was a fantastic resource to guide me through my job search. Her attention to detail on my background and experience was incredibly thorough and allowed for a clear understanding of what roles were a fit, saving everyone involved time and effort. Melissa went above and beyond what is typically expected from a recruiter, and helped ME be better positioned as a candidate. I can’t recommend Melissa enough!

Obert Kong, TX

There are many recruiters out there but rarely do you come across one that is extremely knowledgeable, supportive and professional as Melissa. I was recently out of a job. Melissa reached out to me at the perfect time with the perfect role for me from her client. She connected me with the decision makers and supported me through every step of the way. I don’t have just a job now, I have a dream job.

Ivory Razor, NY

Melissa encompasses the true spirit of a professional partner. She’s more than a recruiter, she’s someone that goes far beyond the call of her position. Melissa has proven time and time again that she is truly invested in her clients success, not just until they receive a job offer, but far beyond that point. I highly recommend her, as she has that special “sauce” that is hard to find. 


Welcome! I'm Melissa Duran, an accomplished Executive Recruiter and Career Coach dedicated to empowering individuals in their professional journeys. With over two decades of expertise in talent acquisition, I specialize in developing personalized strategies for job search, resume enhancement, interview mastery, LinkedIn optimization, and effective networking techniques.


Throughout my career, I've honed a deep understanding of the intricacies of today's competitive job market. Whether you're a seasoned professional seeking a career transition or a recent graduate embarking on your first job search, I offer tailored support to align with your unique career aspirations. My approach is enriched by industry insights and a commitment to guiding individuals toward their full potential. I look forward to helping you discover opportunities and navigate the path to career success. 

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